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02/02/06: Update

Good people... Pat's Pernice Brothers recording blog (as mentioned below) can be found here: (http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=16817882)

In addition to that, Pat played drums on the latest New Radiant Storm King record, The Steady Hand. It's available now, in stores and online.


01/08/06: Hey, when's the next sh... Oh, right. Damn.

So here we are in 2006, the first year in a long while without the Bigger Lovers. How are you handling it? It's rough, I know. Rather than sitting around and talking about the good old days, though, the band has been busy "moving on." Here's what they're currently up to:

Bret: Although it's been years since since he's played them on any sort of regular basis, Bret's treating the drums like riding a bike and has jumped behind the skins for BC Camplight, who are currently supporting their excellent record, Hide, Run Away. They kick off a tour of the Northeast and and Midwest on January 24 at Baltimore's Ottobar, and then head to the U.K. for dates in early March. Check out the U.S. dates at the One Little Indian site. U.K. dates will be posted there shortly.

Pat: Starting January 17, Pat will start laying down drum tracks for the new Pernice Brothers record, which is being recorded at Studio .45 in beautiful Hartford, Connecticut. Michael Demming will be behind the mixing board (he produced the first Pernice record, Overcome by Happiness) and word on the street is that they're gonna go a little old school with this one and include a full-on orchestra! Pat may have a blog during the sessions; if so, there will definitely be a link here, so check back in a couple weeks. In addition to all that, Pat has signed on as the on-call drummer for the Philly super-group The Novenas, featuring the Minerstreet/Cycle Sound studio team of Amy Morrisey and Brian McTear, as well as John Sheehan of County X County. Check them out this Friday (January 13) at the M Room in Philadelphia.

Ed: After parting ways with them in 2000 as a bass player, Ed returns to Lefty's Deceiver on guitar. The "reunion" show last November went well, and the band is starting to work on material for a new EP, which should commence recording some time in March.

Scott: Before TBL, there was The Diane Linkletter Experience, and Scott has resurrected the moniker for the next batch of songs he's cooking up. No word on where things stand with that at the moment, although in all fairness, he's in the middle of buying a house right now.

Stay tuned, and hope to see you all with whatever band we happen to roll through your town with in the future.



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